Miba Design started in 1986 when Marcasite was experiencing a revival of interest, Yin Yang rings and earrings were top of the pops and ear-cuffs had just appeared for the first time.

All the stock I had I carried, travelling to customers and selling directly from my cases. Things were less busy for us all then and there was time to do this.

Staying in B&B's was a rare luxury as finances were low and I often 'sofa surfed' with friends and family who lived in strategic places. This enabled me to travel further afield.

When I first started, parking was so much easier, a map was needed and of course, there were no speed cameras. How things have changed. The business has devoured a handful of cars over the years. Recently I added my total mileage from when I first started and see that it equates to driving to the moon and back twice!

Over the years I have worked with many suppliers to find the reliable ones. We only trade with companies who are able to maintain quality, who pay fair wages and give good conditions to their staff. These are mainly family businesses. These long standing relationships enable us to be reactive to market changes, create our own original pieces and safely produce designs for customers which are protected and do not end up being sold elsewhere. 

I am still seeing many customers who I first met when I started. We have grown our businesses together and have become good friends, supporting each other on the journey. Their businesses and families have grown, mine too and now my daughter, Maisy has joined me in the business. She grew up amongst it all and was always very interested, leading her to recently train as a jewellery maker. Our mutual skills enable us to create well together and her IT skills are invaluable. In 2020 she applied her skills to great effect helping me to bring our website to life.

To date, Miba Design has been a road based business and I have seen customers regularly over the years but due to the pressures brought about by more customers, an increasing range, time constraints, (and I'm not getting any younger!) the website is the future for our business. I will however still be on the road and available to visit customers who would prefer to select in person, where possible.

We hope you like the ranges that you have seen, if so do register for an account to be able to view our full collections and prices.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.

Mike and Maisy